Melting Mask For Hand


Moisturising hand mask.



This hand mask is for all of those busy women who don’t have 10 minutes to waste with their hands wrapped in glove-masks. We all love taking advantage of the masking moment to kick back, relax and do nothing, but sometimes it’s simply impossible! This mask only covers the part of your hands where the skin is thinner and that suffers the most because of sun exposure, cold weather, and soap and chemical products: the back of your hands. It contains aloe vera to soothe skin, collagen to firm it and adenosine to provide anti-aging care. The best part? You can apply it and go on with your day: read, text, tap away on your laptop, vacuum the floors… get things done! As long as you don’t touch them or soak them in water, the masks won’t move. If your job requires you to wash your hands often during the day (hats off to doctors, nurses, chefs, cleaning staff and the amazing women who work in science, for example!), use hand cream every day and apply these masks once or twice a week. Your hands will thank you!

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