Tea Tree Serum


Soothing and refreshing serum for combination, oily and irritated skin, with all the benefits of tea trees.


No less than 80% of its ingredients are extracted from tea trees. It contains tea tree leaf water, extracts and a few drops of its oil, nicely mixed with panthenol and hyaluronic acid—no wonder this serum is one of the most soothing and refreshing products in our store! Its formula—just like the cleanser and the mist of the same line—is perfect to balance the sebum levels of combination or skin, but also to refresh tired and stressed skin, or to relieve irritation. Also, its content in beet extract makes it perfect to gently moisturise and balance the skin, while its tea tree helps reduce the inflammation of any pimples you might have. Its gel-like texture is light and crystal clear — if you’re looking for a refreshing serum, this is probably the one!

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