Velvet Tint


Korean lip tint, available in several shades.



A long-lasting lip tint with a matte finish that doesn’t dry out your lips? It exists, thanks to Moart, and we had to be the first to get our hands on it. The Velvet Tint line features creamy yet fast-drying lip tints – once they’re on, they’re not going anywhere! Thanks to their semi-matte finish, they don’t highlight imperfections or dry skin, and have a moisturising effect. They provide a smooth, velvety and intense finish, so we can’t think of a better product to pull off the gradient or bitten lip looks that’s so popular in Korea. If you’re looking for an intense look, simply apply as if it were a liquid lipstick: you’ll only need one coat. Now comes the hard part: choosing your shade!
– Carpet: A warm and vibrant red, perfect if you’re looking for an everyday red.
– Crepe: Between plum and magenta, definitely one of the most stunning colours in the range.
– Rose: Do you like fuchsia? Then you’ll love this one.
– Royal: The most elegant burgundy red we’ve ever seen.
– Taupe: This is the ideal nude, a perfect blend of pink and brown!
– Sheer: A timeless warm pink that’s perfect for any occasion.

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